Our Programs & Classes

Little Ninjas (Pre-School age 3-4)
Our Pre-School program offers a professionally designed age specific curriculum that has been specifically developed to teach children in a fun and enriching way.

As a student in this program, your child will quickly develop higher levels of concentration and self-control. They will become listeners at home and at school. They will also improve their focus and coordination.

Your 3 or 4 year old WILL IMPROVE
Concentration Confidence Self-Control Balance Discipline

HURRY! Only 7 spots left
Filled on a first come, first serve basis

Beginning Kids (ages 5-13)
This is by far our most popular class.

Karate teaches more than just self-defense
Confidence Self-Discipline Self-Control Respect Courtesy Perseverance Goal Setting Loyalty Honor

Karate training benefits students in many different ways. Some come to us with very low self-esteem and are picked on at school or in the neighborhood. Others come because they lack the focus needed to excel at school or on their sports teams.

Studies have shown that karate training can help students gain confidence and develop skills they need to succeed in life. Most of all students will gain the high self-esteem that is proven to result from karate training as we teach it.

Here at Westfield Family Karate none of our programs require contracts. We have the best martial arts program. We do not need a contract to make you attend. The smile on your childs face will do that.

I guarantee you will not find a more highly recommended program or more experienced karate teachers in the area.

If you think your child will benefit from improved confidence, focus, and better self-discipline call us today for a free trial at 896-3530.

Teens and Adults
Karate training is great for both teens and adults.

BenefitsFitness Goal Setting Confidence Courtesy Discipline Focus Respect

Todays teens and adults are under many stresses like Grades, Bullying, Peer Presssure and Job Uncertainty just to name a few.

Karate training is proven to help teens and adults deal with these pressures in a positive way. Call us today to see how we can help you or you teen.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about our programs or would like to know about other programs that may not be listed here.